Mother Earth’s Healing Energy

“…ancient humans had known this sacred, hidden body of the Earth, and sited their civilizations to take advantage of her very visceral powers…”

Mother Earth is a living, conscious being with her own free will. The creatures who inhabit this planet and all solar systems and universes are connected to her with an omnipresent universal energy.

As sentient beings, humans are obligated to balance the flow of energy and synchronize it with Earth’s natural rhythms to create a healthy, harmonious habitat for all. If we listen with open hearts and minds, Mother Earth will, in turn, provide us with everything we need to flourish and find joy.

Professors William Becker and Bethe Hagens who charted an Earth Energy Grid, observed, “… the Earth is really a living crystal being, with a geometric skeleton that could be mapped in its patterns of energy flows… in ocean currents, the winds, river systems, and distributions of precious minerals. It even seemed that ancient humans had known this sacred, hidden body of the Earth, and sited their civilizations to take advantage of her very visceral powers…”

Earth’s energy fields provide a matrix or grid of connected pathways, called “ley lines,” resembling our circulatory system. Energy moves along these lines and creates high energy vortexes where they intersect. A vortex is a place where unusual amounts of electromagnetic energy enter or leave the earth in a spiral movement.

Quantum physics suggests that a deep dive into the workings of the atom reveals nothing but energy waves, an invisible force field or tiny tornado that emits waves of electrical energy. Since we’re made of atoms, we’re pure energy, so energy vortexes can have a profound impact on us.

“There is no energy in matter other than that received from the environment.” ~ Nikola Tesla

Vortexes are thought to be places that hold great mystical power. Meditating in the presence of a vortex can be transformative and physically and emotionally healing. It can help release fears, heal deep wounds, open hearts and help people awaken spiritually.

As a center for spiritual power, Sedona, Arizona is one of Earth’s most powerful energy gateways and is home to five of the 21 known vortexes on our planet. Because the vortexes in Sedona are among the most potent, people travel from around the world to experience their healing power and evoke spiritual awakening. Native Americans believe that spiritual awakening can happen more quickly in Sedona, because the veil to other dimensions is thinner here.

When you visit a vortex, find a quiet spot where you can be alone and meditate. Sit or recline on the ground and set your intention. What questions do you want the universe to answer? Close your eyes, breathe and be in the moment. Feel the energy move through your body as you relax. Your body may start to tingle. You may feel light and notice your heart is opening. You may feel a wave of joy come over you. The ache of an old injury may ease. Be open to whatever the universe offers.

New Earth Retreat – November 13-17, 2017

Since the vortexes in Sedona attract so many tourists, it may be difficult to find some solitude. But not all of the vortexes in Sedona are open to the public.

Surrounded by red monoliths, majestic mountains and Native American ruins, Sedona Mago Retreat Center is located on 163 acres of pristine desert wilderness. The serene beauty of this spiritual property is designed to flow with the natural healing energy of Sedona. Sedona Mago is home to 12 small vortexes that form one large one with its own unique and powerful energy, where you can experience healing and deep awakening.

If you’re on a path to spiritual awakening and you want to experience the physical, energetic and spiritual shifts of these vortexes, join us for the New Earth Retreat at Sedona Mago Center on November 13-17, 2017. Learn from people who have been beyond the veil and find what you’ve been seeking.


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