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The home remedies for Lyme disease include the use of herbs like samento, wormwood, oregano, and clove, Garlic, valerian, passionflower, fish oil.

The home remedies for Lyme disease include the use of herbs like samento, wormwood, oregano, and clove can be very helpful in eliminating the underlying infection. Garlic, valerian, passionflower, and ganoderma mushrooms are also good for treatment. Increasing the intake of water, eliminating dairy and gluten from your diet, and increasing consumption of lean organic proteins like nutsavocados, flax seed, and fish oil can help, as well as a high-fiberregimen. Finally, astragaluselderberry, and olive leaf can also be used to eliminate the effects of Lyme Disease.

What Is Lyme Disease?

Lyme Disease is an infectious, bacterial disease that can be transferred to humans via the bite of a deer tick, which is the most common method of transfer. It is currently considered one of the most widespread infectious diseases in Europe and the Americas, with more than 10,000 new cases being reported every day. There are three strains of bacteria from the Borrellia genus that are the causes behind this disease.

After being bitten by a tick, symptoms begin to appear. A rash forms at the site of the bite in most cases (70-80%), and this is often accompanied by pain, inflammation, flu-like symptoms, muscle and joint aches, and general fatigue. The disease is quite easily treatable with antibiotics, but if the condition goes untreated for an extended period of time, the disease can begin to affect the central nervous system, the heart, muscle disorders, and neurological issues. Some rare symptoms include meningitis, hepatitis, and coinfections with herpes viruses, due to the weakened state of the immune system.

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