The Canadian politician who could teach Americans a lesson in love (Opinion) – CNN

Dean Obeidallah writes that Jagmeet Singh, a Canadian politician, has reminded us of the importance of using love and kindness in overcoming political divisions and hate.

“When is your Shariah going to end? … We know you are in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood!” an irate white woman screamed in the face of a brown-skinned politician at his town hall meeting on Wednesday night.

Sixteen years after 9/11, bigoted remarks like these against Muslims — or even those perceived to be Muslim — have become disturbingly commonplace. And our President, who during his campaign openly attacked Muslims with false claims — that “thousands” of Muslim Americans cheered in New Jersey on 9/11, for example — isn’t helping matters.
In the case of this incident, the politician who was subject to this barrage of anti-Muslim comments, Jagmeet Singh, is not even Muslim. Singh, who is running to be the head of the New Democratic Party, one of Canada’s political parties, could’ve simply told the heckler, “I’m not a Muslim. I’m a Sikh.” But he didn’t. Nor did he respond by screaming at the heckler or publicly dismissing her as a bigot.
Instead, Singh chose love. While the woman shouted anti-Muslim slurs, Singh asked the audience, “What do we believe in?” He paused for a moment, then together with the audience said: “Love and courage.” He added, “We don’t want hatred to ruin a positive event, so let’s show people how we treat people with love.”
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Source: The Canadian politician who could teach Americans a lesson in love (Opinion) – CNN

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