Becoming Your Truest Self

Becoming our truest selves is our single greatest goal in this lifetime.

What does It Mean to be “Your Truest Self?”

It means living in complete harmony with everything and everyone around us. It means always being driven to act by love and love, alone. It means realizing that every human being is on their own path towards self-fulfillment and we should honor not only our own paths, but their paths, as well. Admittedly, we are all moving towards this happiest version of our Selves, whether we are conscious of it or not. Every second, every minute, every day, it’s happening, regardless of the current state of our lives – whether it be contentedness, frustration, suffering, or anything else.

Choices Make Us Who We are, or do They?

We live in a world full of opinions and definitions, sides and factions, rights and wrongs, that it’s difficult not to get caught up in choosing one over another. Our lives are full of choices. What’s the better option, which side will I take, what group will I support. Who will I be? These are all questions we are bombarded with and feel obligated to answer every day. After all, who are we if not the choices we make? And as humans, we have the beautiful right to free will and choice.

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