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Do you see colors when you meditate? That’s totally normal and here is some insight about how to respond when you see colors when you meditate.

Do you see colors when you meditate? Many people report seeing colors when they close their eyes and meditate.

Often, during moments of deep meditation, some people will see intense visions. Others will have feelings or sensations they are unfamiliar with. So what does it mean?

Don’t Get Too Distracted

chakra meditationThe answer to this question is not so straight forward. In some cases, the meaning of the colors and visions you see relates to the meditation path or tradition you belong to.

In many traditions, seeing different colors in meditation is a sign of your progress. In other traditions, certain colors are a sign of healing.

However, there is near universal agreement on this point. Don’t get too focused on the colors. It can become a distraction and derail your meditation practice if you spend too much time focusing on the colors. It’s best to let the colors come and let them go.

Remember, in the end, what happens between meditations—how you live your life—is the most important factor in evaluating your progress. After meditating, are you calmer, less reactive, and more compassionate with yourself and others? These may be more important questions to consider when evaluating your progress.

But what do other meditation teachers have to say on the topic?

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