7 Mantras For Awakening The Goddess Within

Deep within the life source of each and every woman (and man), there’s a

Deep within the life source of each and every woman (and man), there’s a limitless spring of wisdom, power, and magnificence. This inner space is connected to the one energysource that we call God or Universal Intelligence. When we are in tune with our inherent goddesses, our lives are transformed into a limitless, joyful, and abundantexperience. But childhood conditioning, socio-cultural influences, and the impressionable nature of our life experiences all mute the connection between our inner all-knowing Goddess source and our physical selves. Awakening to the goddess within us is therefore a magical journey, and affirmations can play a very valuable role in this miraculous transformation.

Each of these seven profound affirmations reflects what we already know but we have somewhere somehow unlearnt them. As you begin using these affirmations the power of the words will uplift you to your true Goddess self by gradually dissolving unconstructive thought patterns and beliefs that don’t serve you. You can imbibe the profound knowledge and power of these affirmations by introducing them in your meditation rituals, writing them down for daily guidance or reciting them loudly or in your mind whenever you need clarity in any life situation.

1. I am what I am.

The path to a life of love, joy and meaning begins with full and unconditional love for one’s self. If there’s anything you would like to change in yourself or your life, begin by accepting and loving yourself completely.

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