Here’s Exactly How To Know If You Need A Rest Day

Because it’s not always that obvious.

Truly listening to your body and knowing when to take rest days has always been a challenging part of fitness since it’s easy to fall off the wagon and lose motivation during this downtime. As a trainer and die-hard health enthusiast, it’s always been difficult for me to mentally and physically take a break from what feels like progress. However, after years of training both myself and others at modelFIT, I’ve learned that rest days between exercise are when the body sees (and more importantly feels) the most progress.

modelFIT has pioneered and customized a unique approach to mindful and dynamic movement that builds graceful strength and confident presence, and rest days are part and parcel of this method. The deeper you get into your exercise regimen, the easier it will be to determine how much rest you need on any given week. Here’s a simple guide to get you there.

The biggest rule of thumb: Listen to your body.

We all know soreness is part of the glory of getting in shape or achieving fitness goals. It’s like a physiological affirmation sent to us from the fitness gods saying, “Yesterday’s workout was worth your time! Keep up the good work!” It truly is the best. However, when your butt is so sore you can’t get out of bed in the morning, your body is sending you a loud and clear signal: You need a break.

No matter how hard we fight it, our muscle fibers need quality time to recover and rebuild before we work them out and tear them apart again. For example, if your lower body is sore, drink a lot of water and either fine-tune your upper body, or just take the day off entirely. You can do it.

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