Meet the Women Building Bali’s Luxury ‘Paradise’ for Dollars a Day

The island’s tourism boom continues to draw construction workers from across Indonesia—many of them women who work backbreaking days in the tropical sun for less pay than their male counterparts.

As dusk falls over Bali’s west coast another grueling day of hard labor draws to a close for the 60 or so women on this Singaporean-owned construction site. But their work isn’t finished yet. Back at their make shift camp, located a two-minute walk from Canggu—a hip seaside village, they are straight back on the tools, this time preparing meals for the husbands, and sometimes children, that share their single-room bamboo huts.

“The hardest [part] is I get so tired, sometimes I can’t handle it anymore. I just break down and cry. When that happens I get flashbacks of how sad my life is,” explains Made*, 35, who was orphaned as a three-year-old.

The days are long, hot and lowly paid. Made—a pseudonym—has worked seven days a week for the past three months, waking at 3:30 AM to begin preparing food for her husband, also a construction worker on site, and their children. They arrive at work together at 7 AM and spend the day lugging steel beams, shoveling cement, and hammering rods into concrete in stifling humidity and 80-degree heat.

“Sometimes it’s sad but there is nothing else I can do. If I don’t do this then my family can’t eat,” she says.

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Source: Meet the Women Building Bali’s Luxury ‘Paradise’ for Dollars a Day

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