The Divine Feminine is on the Rise.

According to ancient Hindu philosophy, the cosmic dance of the masculine and feminine forces of Shiva and Shakti are what sets the universe in harmonious motion.

Any imbalance in the equality of these energies causes conflict, upheaval and disaster. The male force of Shiva is said to be the force of consciousness, and the female force of Shakti is said to be the force of energy. Shakti is considered divine, due to her unique ability to create and act as an agent of change. The divine feminine has always been respected and honored in ancient Hindu mythology.

Rampant patriarchy, the objectification of women and misogynistic social structures have all caused an imbalance in these energies and have suppressed natural feminine energy in both men and women. Feminine energy has been deemed weaker than masculine energy. The result of this hierarchical structure has promoted aggression, self-interest and the rise of ego-driven desires.

Materialism has taken precedence over spirituality, Western rationality over Eastern philosophy and self-interest over communal harmony. Our intellect is valued more than our intuition, development is furthered over the protection of the environment and war is the preferred solution over peace.

The divine feminine represents the depths of our subconscious, the connection to the universal source of energy. She stands for nurturing our intuition, empathy, community, wellness and purpose. She inculcates values of patience, humility and peace. She brings to light all that has been repressed, denied and suppressed with love and compassion.

As our mass consciousness is moving into higher frequencies, the inherent suppression of the opposite polarities in each of us is coming to light. As men and women are getting more in touch with their shadow sides, they are realizing the detrimental impact of harmful societal conditioning.

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