World Courts of Women: against war, for peace

At the World Court of Women meeting held in Bangalore witnesses to violence and injustice highlighted political lessons and resistance, asking that we all take responsibility to oppose the unending wars against women.

Lights slips into every place
where the women were killed,
the houses, the streets, the doorways
light traces the blood stains
light pours into the wells
where they threw the bodies
light seeks out the places where sound was silenced.”

These words, from the Palestinian poet Lisa Suhair Majaj, introduced the most recent session of the World Court of Women held in Bangalore, in November 2015. Under the title “Against War, For Peace”, the Court was hosted by Mount Carmel College and Vimochana Women’s Rights Forum, which works on a range of issues from domestic, sexual and dowry violence, to communities and human rights.

The Court was held in conjunction with the international gathering of Women in Black( WiB) , an international network founded in Jerusalem in 1987 to oppose war, occupation and violence. A thousand students joined WiB to listen to testimonies that focussed on war as genocide, wars without borders, wars against civilizations, and wars against women. The final session spoke of building resistance, peace and justice in a “gathering of spirit”.

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Source: World Courts of Women: against war, for peace

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