3 Tech-Boosted Steps To Build Mindfulness Every Day

A thoughtful use of technology can actually lead to increased mindfulness.

Technology gets a bad rap in the mindfulness department, but if you’re, well, mindfulabout how gadgets fit into your life, they can actually help you stay present—and help you reach peak performance in every aspect of your life.

Reams of research show that mindfulness is a panacea for peak performance on every level: A regular practice calms stress, shores up the immune system, fine-tunes focus, sharpens memory and strengthens your connection to your inner self. The results: You’re more certain of what you want out of life, you have the concentration to make it happen, and you’re poised to actually enjoy it when you achieve your goal. Yet too often, we don’t take the time or make the space for a daily meditation practice—a bad habit that can stall out your ambitions.

With these behavior upgrades and tech tools, you can vault over the common pitfalls of our hyper-connected, always-on world—and harness the energy to transform your life.

Find the time for mindfulness.

Although the term “mindfulness” can feel abstract,the word merely means being aware and present without judgment. The first step to this state is understanding when and where we’re not living a mindful life—and perhaps the biggest culprit in a hamster wheel existence is your phone. Enter Moment, an app that tracks how much time you spend on your cell and allows you to set goals (say, not spending three hours zoning out on Instagram). Then it sends gentle reminders when you’re nearing your self-prescribed ceiling so you don’t accidentally waste your day on your phone—when you could be pursuing a daring, soul-filling life.

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Source: 3 Tech-Boosted Steps To Build Mindfulness Every Day

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