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A Starseed’s Message about the New Earth

In this Spiritual Journey of Forgiveness, the client sees a past life and then goes to the afterlife to meet her guide. Her Higher Self answers her questions and talks about Starseeds and why they chose to be on earth … Read More »

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Hate Crimes Are on the Rise in America’s Biggest Cities, Study Finds

For the first time in more than a decade, the number of hate crimes in the US shot up two years in a row. A comprehensive new study has found that the number of reported hate crimes in America’s biggest … Read More »

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Two DACAmented Dreamers

Two DACAmented Dreamers, In Alaska And Texas, On Fighting To Stay Home | HuffPost Karla and Ana describe overcoming shame and risking it all for a chance at their American dream. Welcome to ”The Story We Share,” a series of … Read More »

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The Many Faces of China

China, travel, Western tourists A country’s greatest treasure is its people, but it takes patience to uncover this often hidden gem.  They say that patience is a virtue, but for the international traveler, it can be hard to hold onto … Read More »

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3 Restorative Yoga Poses To Help Heal Trauma

The effects of traumatic experiences on any level can be debilitating to our health and detrimental to our emotional balance. Dr. Peter Levine, a leading expert in the somatic healing of trauma, The effects of traumatic experiences on any level … Read More »

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Circadian Rhythm and the Jet Lag Blues – Mia Terra Retreats

Like a hangover, everyone has a “cure” for jet lag.  Fatigue, difficulty concentrating and inability to sleep are the most common symptoms.  Some people even have digestive problems. The condition is a result of high speed travel across multiple time … Read More »

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Women’s Stories Won The Emmys In 2017 | HuffPost

It wasn’t a perfect night, but like Reese Witherspoon said, let’s continue to “bring women to the front of their own stories.” When Lena Waithe took the stage on Sunday night to accept the Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a … Read More »

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3 Ways To Deepen Your Connection To Your Partner (According To A Spiritual Icon)

Ram Dass explains what a mindful union really entails. When we talk about mindful relationships, it’s usually in the context of being more aware and respectful of your partner’s thoughts and feelings. To some people, being more mindful is simply about … Read More »

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The Supreme Court Could Soon Protect Gay Workers from Discrimination

It’s hard to overstate the importance of ‘Evans v. Georgia Regional Hospital,’ a case that could establish federal-level employment protection on the basis of sexuality. Jameka Evans began working as a security guard at Georgia Regional Hospital in 2012, and … Read More »

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10 Surprising Things You Should Know When Traveling Abroad – Mia Terra Retreats

Experienced international travelers know the basics, such as checking the expiration date of their passport before they travel, letting their bank know their travel destinations and dates, and using a destination’s ATM to get the best exchange rate on local … Read More »

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