How to Build the Perfect Salad

Whether it’s Leslie Knope, the non-Lisa Simpsons, Vernon Dursley, or your racist uncle who draws scientifically bunk parallels between salad consumption and gender identity, I can’t think of a food that’s cooler to hate than salad. That’s really too bad, because a well-constructed salad is one of life’s great pleasures.

Mastering the art of cooking is a lifelong pursuit, but honestly, it’s pretty easy to make meat taste good. It’s not that I’m unimpressed by a perfect medium-rare rib-eye or a meltingly tender duck confit; I’m just far more impressed by chefs who treat vegetables with as much care and attention as they do meat. A few balanced and exciting salads on an otherwise meat-forward menu indicates, to me, a chef who truly gives a damn about what they do. Sure, salads can be light and “healthy” (whatever that means), but they’re also a master class in texture and flavor balance, which is why every cook should master at least a couple.

Fair warning: this is less of a step-by-step guide to salad construction than it is a meditation on the beauty and sheer possibilities of an unfairly-maligned dish. Of course, there are tips and tricks for everything from ingredient selection to dressing recipes, but my goal in writing this is to inspire you to look at salad a little differently, and hopefully, welcome it into your life with open arms.

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