The Many Faces of China

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A country’s greatest treasure is its people, but it takes patience to uncover this often hidden gem.  They say that patience is a virtue, but for the international traveler, it can be hard to hold onto when immersed in a culture so different than your own.  When I travel abroad, I see myself as an ambassador representing my country, and I try extra hard to be polite and patient, given our moniker the “ugly American.”  But I’m also human and have moments when I fail to live up to my self-appointed task.

China is a lesson in patience.  On the surface, this country seems like a giant out of control. Everywhere, a new China collides with the traditional one.  Air pollution obscures the skies.  Drivers either don’t know or ignore traffic laws.  Homogenous, sullen faces crowd marketplaces and historic sites.  From the surge of its expanding population, to massive traffic jams, to the rapid growth of construction, it would be easy for a Western visitor to feel put off or even afraid when traveling here.

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