Wellness on the Rise: 3 Holistic Practices Sweeping Modern Healthcare

People want to be healthier, so modern medicine is adapting. Here are three holistic practices that are sweeping the nation!

For years, complementary medicine has taken heat from the allopathic medicine world. Cutting terms like “quack” and “witch doctor” have been thrown around brutally, but the stigma is finally beginning to shake off. With more data showing the benefits of holistic healthcare, more patients are turning to alternative treatments. I recently read an interesting article in the Huffington Post, “Courting Wellness: Why Medicine is Getting Healthier,” where Josef Woodman lists six reasons why he believes the medical community is becoming more accepting of complementary healthcare. He explains that alternative therapies “now account for 11 percent of out-of-pocket consumer healthcare” expenses and that more clinical studies are showing that alternative treatments are achieving increased success rates. He points out that many major medical facilities, such as Duke Medical Center, are beginning to embrace complementary treatments once viewed as taboo[1].

After reading his list, the biggest take-away for me was this: people want to be healthier, and the healthcare industry is adjusting accordingly. People are smoking less, working out more, and paying attention to their diets (can we say Whole Foods boom?). They are no longer looking to simply cover up symptoms, but they’d rather choose methods of treatment tailored toward total wellness. Bottom line: more people are turning to holistic lifestyles because they care about their health.

Here at the American College of Healthcare Sciences, we’re keeping our finger on the pulse of the most effective and popular holistic lifestyle practices and their benefits. Here are three practices that are on the rise.

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Source: Wellness on the Rise: 3 Holistic Practices Sweeping Modern Healthcare

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