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Global Ocean Circulation Appears To Be Collapsing Due To A Warming Planet

Scientists have long known about the anomalous ‘warming hole’ in the North Atlantic Ocean, an area immune to warming of Earth’s oceans. Scientists have long known about the anomalous “warming hole” in the North Atlantic Ocean, an area immune to … Read More »

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Catalonia referendum: Spain steps up raids to halt vote – BBC News

Senior officials are detained as police target ministries involved in planning a banned referendum. Spanish police have detained 14 Catalan officials and raided regional government ministries involved in organising an independence vote declared illegal by Spain’s government. Tensions were already … Read More »

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5 Things I Do Every Day For Kick-Ass Energy

Diabetic health coach Lauren Bongiorno shares her top tips for feeling like superwoman—from the supplements she takes to the sleep schedule she keeps. What would happen if we based all of our decisions in life on what would give us … Read More »

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Women Veterans at Much Higher Risk of Suicide Than Women Civilians, Report Says

We talked to an expert in veteran affairs about the unique challenges that women veterans face. Women veterans are at 2.5 times the risk of committing suicide than civilian women, according to a report released quietly Friday evening by the the Department … Read More »

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PeaceWomen.org is a space for peacemakers to engage, learn and be part of a global movement to advance a holistic Women, Peace and Security agenda. Women must participate! Gender must not be ignored! Conflicts must be prevented! Our world is facing … Read More »

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Infusionarium Aims to Take Trauma Out of Chemotherapy for Young

Cancer treatments can be particularly hard on children. But in the Infusionarium their minds are transported to mountain slopes where, depending on their tastes, they are surrounded by extreme skiers or Disney princesses. Read more… Source: Infusionarium Aims to Take … Read More »

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Eco-friendly essentials for the changing season | pebble magazine

Our September LUST LIST has guys and girls covered – from ethical fashion essentials to organic skincare to soothe the soul Ah September, it comes round all too soon but embrace the changing weather and colder evenings because there are … Read More »

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Space Glass: Planets And Galaxies Trapped In Tiny Glass Pendants By Japanese Artist

Satoshi Tomizu, a talented glass artist in Japan, creates stunning cosmic scenes in tiny glass pendants no larger than your eyeball. Air bubbles, opals, flakes of gold and other inclusions turn each glass bubble into a busy galactic microcosm. Satoshi … Read More »

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BBC – Future – The surgeon giving his patients VR instead of sedatives

In Mexico’s most violent state, a surgeon is using virtual reality to relieve the pain and stress of operations when sedatives are not possible. Jo Marchant watched him as he works. Ana Maria has never been to Machu Picchu. The … Read More »

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The US Soldiers Stuck in Immigration Limbo Under Trump

The Army wanted 19-year-old Private First Class Kyungmin Cho and others like him. Now it’s not so sure. When he enlisted in the Army last year, Private First Class Kyungmin Cho thought he would be an active-duty soldier by this … Read More »

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