The US Soldiers Stuck in Immigration Limbo Under Trump

The Army wanted 19-year-old Private First Class Kyungmin Cho and others like him. Now it’s not so sure.

When he enlisted in the Army last year, Private First Class Kyungmin Cho thought he would be an active-duty soldier by this time and a proud naturalized citizen of the United States. But despite enthusiastic praise in recent days from President Trump for the service of immigrants like him, Cho’s time as a recruit has left him wondering whether the American military wants him at all.

Born in South Korea, Cho grew up in this country as an undocumented immigrant after coming here with his parents when he was seven. Now 19, he was able to join the US Army after he gained temporary protection from deportation through a program for young immigrants who came as children, known as DACA.

Trump said on September 5 that he is shutting down the DACA program. But he said he was giving Congress six months to replace it, and he provoked a feud in his own Republican Party by negotiating with Democratic leaders on legislationto provide some permanent legal status for nearly 800,000 immigrants in the program, who call themselves Dreamers.

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Source: The US Soldiers Stuck in Immigration Limbo Under Trump

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