Inside the Inspiring Citizen Response to Mexico’s Earthquake

When everything falls silent, it’s an incomparable, goosebumps-inducing display of human will. “Is there anyone here who hears me?”

In the face of an historically deadly earthquake in Mexico Tuesday afternoon, people of every age—and especially the young—headed out en masse to the most affected areas to lend their hands, breath, and whatever else they could to help victims.

On Escocia Street in the Del Valle neighborhood of Mexico City, the scene was especially heartbreaking. A building collapsed on the corner of Gabriel Mancera, as did another one, farther on, on the corner of Edimburgo Street. An hour after the earthquake Tuesday, a group of people tried to help—by yelling—to encourage a woman to leave her home. She didn’t want to abandon it because of all that surrounded her: two collapsed buildings and one that was visibly damaged. Her son begged, “Please, Mom, come down now.”

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Source: Inside the Inspiring Citizen Response to Mexico’s Earthquake

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