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Beauty Forged from the Fires of Struggle: Barcelona

In light of recent events around Catalonia’s bid for independence from Spain, I’m republishing my story (below) about my visit to Barcelona a few years back. Barcelona, and Catalonia in general, hold a special place in my heart. Catalonia was … Read More »

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Spain Catalonia: France snubs independence bid – BBC News

The region will automatically be expelled from the EU if it declares independence, a minister says. The French government has said it will not recognise Catalonia if it declares independence from Spain and such a move will mean expulsion from … Read More »

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Defying crazy odds to make beautiful music

Meet the soul behind Cambodian musician, Sophanna, and why his songs have a special purpose. You may have heard someone complain about how crazy their life is. But once you meet Sophanna, you may realise how a crazy life can … Read More »

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How Puerto Rican Chefs Are

“A typical day starts at 4 a.m. with four people in different gas lines, just because they only sell $20 worth per person.” How Puerto Rican Chefs Are Feeding People After Hurricane Maria “We got lucky after Maria,” Stephen Hoppe … Read More »

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Why Lithuania is the new home of sustainable knitwear | pebble magazine

The Knotty Ones tell Fashion Bloc why being sustainable and ethical is an obvious choice Sandra, Danute and Akvile are three best friends who have turned a fashion brand into a way of enabling local Lithuanian craftswomen. The Knotty Ones … Read More »

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Daily Divine: Can we really believe in miracles? – SARA WISEMAN

Miracles are real. Except, they’re not particularly miraculous. They’re just how the Universe works. ​When we begin to trust in the Universe, we discover that convergences—miracle moments in which time, space, consciousness and grace all come together—are happening all time, in … Read More »

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The deaf can teach you to listen better

Connect through the language of silence, over a cup of tea. My name is Singyi. I appear in the video at 0:38. I speak and read lips. I am deaf. Hush, to me, is a blend of silence, inclusiveness and connection. … Read More »

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When Our World Falls Apart

When external factors shift we have an opportunity to rediscover our core which is the only truly safe place to call home. There are times when our whole world seems to be falling apart around us, and we are not … Read More »

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