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New Earth 2016 – Massive Evolution, Shift & Transition — Steemit

What is to come Planet Earth! We are living in a magical moments in the history of planet earth! Here and Now in… by neonprince What is to come Planet Earth! We are living in a magical moments in the … Read More »

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Death of the Nile

A journey from the source of the Nile in central Africa to its mouth near Cairo, charting the problems faced by the river and those who depend on it. Booming populations have dirtied and drained it, while climate change threatens … Read More »

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Female code breakers: The hidden figures of the greatest generation – CNN

The majority of America’s code breakers in World War II were women. In “Code Girls,” Liza Mundy narrates their untold story. (CNN) Do you like crossword puzzles and are you engaged to be married? Those were the questions asked of many … Read More »

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How a 1980 Bank Robbery Sparked the Militarization of America’s Police

Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions love cops with lots of army gear—the legacy of a $20,000 heist that became a political weapon. Late last month, Donald Trump issued an executive order reversing an Obama-era ban on the transfer of certain kinds of … Read More »

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Animal Totems, Animal Symbols and Animal Meanings

Animal totems and animal symbols provide us with deep understanding and assist to achieve a richer way of life. Learn more about animal symbolism here. Meaning of Animal Totems Animal totems play huge roles in our lives. They aid in self-discovery and … Read More »

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Beyoncé lends protest anthem to Project Everyone campaign for girls’ equality

A chorus of girls raise their voices to Beyoncé’s protest song Freedom in a campaign launching on International Day of the Girl to back the UN’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development. #FreedomForGirls is the latest film from Project Everyone, the … Read More »

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