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7 Journaling Prompts for Taking Care of Yourself During Stressful Times – Writing Through Life

IN THESE DIVIDED AND STRESSFUL TIMES, we are experiencing a sort of collective trauma. Every day we read about or watch events unfold that would have been unthinkable only a few years ago: Nazis marching and chanting in the streets … Read More »

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10 Things You Can Do to Help Save the Earth

It’s a lot easier than you think to “go green” — many of these suggestions require little effort, yet can make a big difference for the environment. Going green is easier than you think. There are little things you can do every … Read More »

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What Right-Wing Militants

We talked to Three Percenters and experts on the modern militia movement about their nebulous vision of a future many Americans want nothing to do with. What Right-Wing Militants Are Hoping for After a Government Collapse Even before a neo-Nazi … Read More »

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10 Ways to Adopt a Zero Waste Lifestyle | One Green Planet

With a few adjustments, living a zero waste lifestyle is very possible. Okay, it’s time to talk. We have a serious problem, a problem with waste. On whole, the American population only represents five percent of the world’s population, yet … Read More »

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The Particle Convergence is a really big occurrence for Earth and all humanity, which essentially reflects a stronger merging of dimensions and timelines into one while heralding in a swift matrix shift for our planet. The significance of this occurrence … Read More »

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20 Plants That Improve Air Quality in Your Home

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has been studying the effects of plants on air quality for about 20 years and their research confirms: common houseplants are natural air purifiers. While the original research was aimed at finding ways to purify … Read More »

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Joni Mitchell: Fear of a Female Genius – The Ringer

In one of the golden, waning years of the 1960s, Chuck Mitchell told his young wife to read Saul Bellow’s novel Henderson the Rain King. It was not a gesture of marital kindness so much as a power move: Chuck was … Read More »

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VIDEO: 2017 Borders Seminar – Seeds of Peace

Israeli and Palestinian Seeds explore one of the issues at the root of conflict and share their experiences encountering and engaging with borders, checkpoints, and treaty lines. Read more… Source: VIDEO: 2017 Borders Seminar – Seeds of Peace

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Daily Divine: How can we experience soul healing? – SARA WISEMAN

When we need healing, we sometimes thing there’s something wrong with our soul. However, that’s not the case. Our soul is perfect, infinite, Divine. What causes our suffering is not that there is something intrinsically wrong with our core. Instead, … Read More »

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