Living Off Grid: Here’s What to Know About How to Drill Your Own Well

Drilling or driving a well isn’t that difficult once you know the steps, and the work is well worth the benefit. Here’s how to drill your own well.

One of the hurdles to living off grid is having a clean water supply. One of the very best ways to address that issue is with your own well.

When deciding on a location for your off-grid homestead, check with your local geological survey office to find out if the soil conditions there will allow you to install a well. Once you know you can dig a well on your land, here are some tips for actually driving or drilling your well.

Before You Start

First decide if you want to drive or drill your well and check with your local building department to see if a permit is required. If a local utility company provides service to properties in the vicinity, check with them and make sure no underground service lines cross your property and, if they do, determine their location before you start digging.

Determine if there are any sewer lines, old cisterns, or septic systems on the land. Find out what your local building code requires as far as distance or setbacks for a well from any of these structures. If your local code doesn’t address this specifically, you should dig at least 50 feet away from them to avoid contaminating your water supply.

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Source: Living Off Grid: Here’s What to Know About How to Drill Your Own Well

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