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ONE SMALL TOWN Interest Speeding Up. – Michael Tellinger

I had a very successful quick trip to the USA – did presentations in Santa Fe, Austin and Dallas. The result has been astounding. We now have activity in 3 new SMALL TOWNS with access to conscious mayors who are … Read More »

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Taking Action for a Better World

Early in July, the man who started a circle of active and concerned Ubuntu Contributionists, Trygve Peterson, reached out to Derrick Broze – freelance journalist, YouTube personality, and now a Bitcoin-sponsored activist on a nationwide speaking tour.  Trygve wanted to … Read More »

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Come Apart Before You Come Apart

    Jenn Bowers Hey Mamas! Sometimes you have to come apart before you come apart! Here’s how! Like, share and connect! I want to hear from you Mamas!! Connect with me: jennrawandreal.com, jenn@jennrawandreal.com, or https://www.facebook.com/jennrawandreal  

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