Taking Action for a Better World

Early in July, the man who started a circle of active and concerned Ubuntu Contributionists, Trygve Peterson, reached out to Derrick Broze – freelance journalist, YouTube personality, and now a Bitcoin-sponsored activist on a nationwide speaking tour.  Trygve wanted to know if there was anything the Ubuntu Minneapolis Circle could do in collaboration with Derrick’s event for the Twin Cities, and he was told to contact Juliet Nail, an activist with a group of concerned local agorists.

Juliet asked Trygve if the Contributionists could put together a permaculture event for Derrick – an “Action Day” – where his group, The Conscious Resistance Network, could participate and contribute.  The Minneapolis Circle accepted the challenge and went straight to work.

On August 8th, the “Action Day” came to fruition.  Derrick, and his team members (Miriam, Johnny, and Mick) joined the Circle to install a rainwater capture system to provide water to a newly erected hoop-style greenhouse on a city lot used locally by Ubuntu Minneapolis as a base of operations.

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Source: Taking Action for a Better World – by Tank Barrett – UBUNTU Planet

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