Barbara Lamb discusses the human – extraterrestrial hybrid.

Extraterrestrial, human hybrids. Do they exist on this planet and if so, what is their purpose on this planet now? ET/UFO researcher Barbara Lamb explains.

Barbara Lamb is a name many in the ET and UFO field know very well.

For over two decades, Barbara has researched and lectured on the subject of extraterrestrial encounters.

Having regressed well over a thousand individuals with these encounters, Barbara continues to reveal new vistas into the idea that many on this planet just may have direct connections with non-human intelligence. In this, my second interview with Barbara, done at her home just outside of Los Angeles, we discussed her latest project and that’s a book in which she co-authored with researcher Miguel Mendonca called Meet the Hybrids.

Some of what Barbara discusses in this sit down chat about the hybrids may surprise you, and some might seem familiar to you. Either way, I know you’ll find what Barbara has to say nothing short of extraordinary.

Explore the episode highlights:

  • Who are the hybrids and what are their missions?
  • The emphasis on the spiritual orientation of the hybrids.
  • Extreme telepathic, psychic, and healing abilities.
  • How Barbara received “remote” healing during a Skype session with one of the hybrids.
  • How one hybrid says that part of her genetics include the Mantis or Mantid beings.
  • How each hybrid uniquely discovered their own origins.
    • Military connections.
    • Extraterrestrial injection post birth.
    • Extraterrestrial injection post conception.
  • Physical traits.
  • Ongoing ET encounters/abductions.
  • Some of the hybrid’s genetics include, Tall White Zeta, Blue Arcturians, Syrian Warriors of Light, and Reptilian.
  • The role of helping humanity ascend in consciousness.
  • The challenge of overcoming the negativity of the planet and how this energy is affecting the hybrid’s work.
  • The hybrid’s description of God or Source.
  • Addressing oppositional forces (i.e. positive/negative), and the hybrid’s perspective.
  • How many hybrids are there on the planet right now?
  • How one hybrid witnessed another hybrid shape shift into their extraterrestrial form.
  • How some individuals have an intuition about their being hybrids.

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Source: Barbara Lamb discusses the human – extraterrestrial hybrid.

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