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“Victim mentality – I don’t have victim mentality.  I don’t think like a victim.”  Perhaps you’re saying that to yourself right now.  Are you certain of that?  Are  you sure you don’t have victim mentality that you’re not even consciously aware of?  Consider the statements below.

“He made me feel like such a loser.”

“She made me feel like a big fat whale.”

“They made me feel like I just don’t want to live.”

“It made me feel so weak, powerless, helpless.  Trapped.”

“They made her feel like a burden.”

“He makes me happy.”

What do you notice about these statements?  This is something that’s so ingrained in mass consciousness, in our entire society’s way of thinking, that we typically don’t even notice this – it’s part of our everyday speech pattern, because it’s a thought pattern.  Look closely and pay attention.  Do you see it?

Look again.

“He made me feel like such a loser.”

“She made me feel like a big fat whale.”

“They made me feel like I just don’t want to live.”

“It made me feel so weak, powerless, helpless.  Trapped.”

“They made her feel like a burden.”

“He makes me happy.”

With the key words emphasized here, do you now see the pattern?  We’ve been programmed to believe that anyone or anything can make us feel a certain way.  This is victim mentality.  The truth is that we actually get to choose how we feel, regardless of what anyone thinks about us or says to us, regardless of any outer circumstance or situation – it is actually within our own power to choose what we think about it and how we feel about it.

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