Gary Purviance Interview A New Earth

Many of you may not know Gary but you will want too after this revetting conversation. His story is unlike any other and in Gary case time has shown him to correct.

Is it possible that Humanity has been creating a New Earth and that Earth Itself has been telling Humanity that there is something so far greater than Humanity that is upon us and as it continues to advance this is happening regardless if Humanity wants it too or not. Can a Soul become trapped? What is happening to the Earth?

This has happened before, Mankind has known this before, yet we seem to be heading for the same fate of our ancestors. Is there a Cleansing about to take place all indications say yes so what can we do to prepare?

Gary shows some very simple techniques we can use to help us be ready for this Rare Event. Gary’s book the Con of Man a path to the New Earth available for free to Kindle Prime members and is available on itunes, amazon and other book sellers.

I know this is a longer interview than normal but once Gary begins there is no good place to stop so you have the entire conversation as it took place.

There is also a Retreat for those who might be interested a week of teaching and training link below.


Be Kind to One Another


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