The One Thing All Yogis Need (But Never Think Of)

Trust us on this one.

If you’re a bona fide yogi, chances are you’ve invested in your practice: nonslip mats, blocks, straps, athleisure, and maybe even essential oils all keep your flow going. It’s also fair to assume that you’ve dedicated some mindshare to wondering about the underwear conundrum. You know the one. Go commando sans panty lines and risk your feminine health, or cover up and suffer panty lines?

Great news: You can take back that energy and channel it into perfecting your headstand. Enter: Uwila seamless underwear, the yogi’s choice. Undies are so often an afterthought, but when it comes to self-care, they should be one of the first items on your list.

Even though most people don’t get to see them, the state of your underwear drawer is actually a lot more important than you think. It’s especially vital to have underwear in your rotation that is just for you—underwear that will come through and perform for you at every moment of the day. Not only do they look great on, but they fit the body well and constantly function exactly the way you want them to, whether it’s for a yoga class, a long walk, or during the workday.

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Source: The One Thing All Yogis Need (But Never Think Of)

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