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This Shoulder Releasing Yoga Routine Eases Tight Shoulders & Tech Neck

It’s instant relief in less than five minutes. We hold so much tension in our shoulders. Sedentary work, lugging heavy bags, and constant engagement with our phones can form knots, resulting in neck and back pain. One way to counteract … Read More »

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Why Women? Inclusive Security and Peaceful Societies – Inclusive Security

Photo: Lai Seng Sin/AP Traditional approaches to ending wars—where armed groups meet behind closed doors to hammer out a truce—are falling short in the face of 21st century conflicts. The number of armed conflicts has been increasing over the past … Read More »

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How to Have a Zero Waste Christmas | Care2 Healthy Living

If you’re already trying to reduce your waste at home, odds are Christmas is already causing somewhat of a heart attack. Don’t give in! A Christmas without waste is possible. If you’re already trying to reduce your waste at home, … Read More »

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Climate Change SoCal Fires

Seven of the state’s 10 largest modern wildfires have occurred in the last 14 years. Did Climate Change Worsen the Southern California Fires? Massive wildfires are raging across Southern California, threatening thousands of homes and cultural landmarks like the Getty … Read More »

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How to Keep Going When You Want To Give Up on Life – Tiny Buddha

If you don’t give up hope and keep looking for help and reaching out to others, you will eventually find the people, tools, and resources you need to heal. TRIGGER WARNING: This post references suicidal thoughts and may be triggering … Read More »

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