This Shoulder Releasing Yoga Routine Eases Tight Shoulders & Tech Neck

It’s instant relief in less than five minutes.

We hold so much tension in our shoulders. Sedentary work, lugging heavy bags, and constant engagement with our phones can form knots, resulting in neck and back pain. One way to counteract the daily damage we do to our bodies is by developing a yoga practice—but if you don’t have time for a full class, or notice your shoulders bunching up by your ears during the day, this short and sweet salve, inspired by sequences popular at New York City’s Sky Ting Yoga will loosen up your shoulder girdle in a jiffy.

As you go through these movements, engage your deep belly diaphragmatic breathing through your nose—holding your breath through the poses won’t facilitate a proper release. If any of these poses are out of your range of motion, don’t force it. Do what you can and know that over time, your range of motion will increase.

1. Warm up with 20 jumping jacks or a few sun salutations.

When we stretch the body, especially a tight area like the shoulders, we want to make sure it’s warm. If you’ve been sitting at a desk all day, get some blood flow going! Ten push-ups, a brisk walk, and running in place for a minute are great options too.

2. Make shoulder circles (front and back).

Now that you’re warm, we can begin to move the joint. The shoulders are a ball-in-socket joint, which allows us a wide range of movement.

Place your hands on their own shoulders with fingertips cupping the top. In this position, take 10 circles forward and then 10 circles backward, exploring different-size circles and making it feel good.

3. Do eagle arms (right and left).

Extend both arms out in front of you and reach the right arm to the left with a slight bend at the elbow. Cross the left arm over the right aligning both elbows. From here intertwine your forearms and if you can, bring the palms to touch for eagle arms. You should feel the stretch along the back of the shoulder girdle.

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Source: This Shoulder Releasing Yoga Routine Eases Tight Shoulders & Tech Neck

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