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Remembering the Deer Mother of Winter Solstice

Written by Danielle Prohom Olson & originally published on Gather Victoria Doe, A Deer, A Female Reindeer: The Spirit of Mother Christmas “Oh wondrous headed doe… Amongst its horns it carries the light of the blessed sun…” ~ Hungarian Christmas … Read More »

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8 Quick and Easy Meditation Techniques to Calm Your Anxious Mind – Tiny Buddha

Whether you’re new to meditation or looking for some new ways to fit mindfulness into your daily life, you may enjoy trying one of these simple practices. Have you ever found it hard to motivate yourself to do something that … Read More »

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Legal weed in California

Here’s what to expect when California’s marijuana law goes into effect Jan. 1 Everything you need to know about legal weed in California In 2018, weed will become legal in California. In November of 2016 California voters decided by a 15-point … Read More »

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