FORECAST 2018: The Year of Collective Soul

2018 is the year in which we begin to have an unshakeable awareness of the new paradigm.

This means:
We aren’t starting anything.
It’s already begun.
The new paradigm is here now.
And we FINALLY understand FOR SURE that things are actually different.

Here’s a few things that are emerging in 2018:

1. 2018 is an “11” year. 11 in numerology is a Master number. This number relates to intuition, intuitive opening, spirituality, spiritual awakening and enlightment,

That gives you an idea of what 2018 is all about, personally and collectively.
The new year calls us to claim our awakening.

2. 2018 is The Year of the Woman. The #metoo movement achieves tipping point. This means that women aren’t just “demanding” their rights or accusing their predators and bullies. Now, they are suddenly unshakeably clear that the equality they have sought has been there all along.

It’s always been there—but women have believed the dominant paradigm that has told women that they were less than. Now, that paradigm has shifted. We see clearly that the old paradigm was wrong, and it’s over. When half of the population wakes up, there is a change in the mainstream reality.

The dominant culture continues to crumble, as it meets resistance in the places it once dominated. At home, where women claim equality with those they are intimate relationship to.  In business leadership, where women step up for equal power and rewards. In human rights, where women rise up and support each other, across all ages, races and cultures. In political leadership, where women, especially those under 40, suddenly look around and say not just #metoo, but #whynotme?

Women start claiming their true power, and the world changes.

2. 2018 is The Year of Human Rights. Women’s awareness supports the efforts of all other marginalized groups in the U.S. and third world countries.

Genderism, culturalism, nationalism—all of these start to crumble, as collective soul begins to shout “why do we think we’re separate, because we’re not?”

This doesn’t mean racism or other “isms” is over yet. There is a still a great of work to be done, and these concepts are still very new in many countries. But it means that #nomore is the leading energy.

Our collective awareness has increased to the point where a large majority, even those who were on the fence or trying not to be involved, seeclearly that racism etc is an idea we’ve grown past.

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