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2018: A year for getting back on track

We are entering a new year.  And I implore you, to please begin this fresh, clean year—this fresh, clean slate—by allowing yourself to live your dreams. To answer your true calling To become present in your real life. And to … Read More »

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19 Things to Start Doing for Yourself in the New Year

To help stir your imagination for the New Year—so you’re not pushed by pressure but pulled by pleasure—I’ve listed 19 things you could start doing. “And suddenly you know… it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of … Read More »

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Dan Harris mindbodygreen Podcast

And how having a panic attack on live TV basically saved his life. Some of us know what it’s like to reach a moment of reckoning—a low point in life when we know that something has to change, and there’s … Read More »

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‘Here, No Man Decides’: Meet India’s First Female Sharia Court Judges

In the country’s Islamic courts, intimate family issues like divorce were usually decided by male clerics and judges—until a group of 15 women decided to take matters into their own hands. “I had a lot of questions, growing up,” Suriya … Read More »

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Living the Great 5D Shift

How do we Live the Great 5D Shift in Daily Life? Whether aware or not, everyone is influenced by the current higher dimensional shift of consciousness into the Fifth Density. All is interconnected by consciousness, and the underlying flow on … Read More »

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Four peace mantras for the year 2018

A question that is often asked is whether we can make this world a more peaceful place. Yes, it is a possibility and all it requires is a little intention, attention and commitment to manifest it. Each one of us … Read More »

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