2018: A year for getting back on track

We are entering a new year.  And I implore you, to please begin this fresh, clean year—this fresh, clean slate—by allowing yourself to live your dreams.

To answer your true calling
To become present in your real life.
And to do this today.

Even when we were children—or especially when we were children—many of us were aware of our life dream.

Sometimes we call this our life’s work, our calling, our destiny.

Often our life dream is very much at odds with what society tells us: for example, we might be told we need to get a stable job, when our soul is calling us to travel the world.

We might be told we need to live a life a certain way, when our soul is calling us to do something entirely different.

Whenever there is the whisper, the call, the longing, the dreaming of something different, this is something to pay attention to.

This is the Universe trying to get you back on track; this is the Universe trying to help you remember why you’re here.

As a soul, following your dreams is what you’re here for.

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