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Vermont Moves to Legalize Recreational Marijuana Even as Feds Signal Possible Crackdown

On the same day the Justice Department signaled a possible federal crackdown on marijuana use, lawmakers in Vermont passed a bill that would legalize the drug for recreational purposes. The state House voted 81-63 on Thursday to pass a bill legalizing possession … Read More »

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Why I No Longer Depend on Anyone Else for Happiness, Fun, Or Excitement

I now know that I cannot depend on any one person for my happiness and my social life. If I want more fun and excitement, I have to create it myself. “Never put the key to your happiness in someone … Read More »

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Everyone Should Read This Woman’s Love Letter To Her Vagina

Anyone can be precancerous, like Annik. Dear vagina, Ever since the beginning, you’ve been there for me through thick and thin. At first I was afraid of you. I was told you were not something I should play with or … Read More »

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Sessions’ New Weed Policy

The attorney general seems poised to go after legal weed, but nobody in Washington seems to support him. Even Republicans Hate Jeff Sessions’ New Weed Policy “I think Jeff Sessions has forgotten about the constitution and the tenth amendment,” California … Read More »

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