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Whether you’re looking for vegan recipes or just experimenting eating more fruit and veg, these awesome books from 2017 will satisfy everyone’s tastebuds.

January means Veganuary and there’s never been more people interesting in embracing plants and a plant based diet. Veganism has increased massively in the UK. GlobalData research from the first quarter of 2017, has found that 3% of the British population now describe themselves as vegan, compared with 0.8% in 2014. More than 25% of us are actively reducing the amount of meat and fish we eat as the links between factory farming, climate change and biodiversity loss become better known.

But going vegan can cause us to scratch our heads when thinking about meals for more than a couple of nights. Don’t worry, we’ve come up with our favourite vegan cookbooks from the last year, which range from cheap and cheerful midweek meals to sumptuous feasts that will bring even the most hardened steak lover round.

Whether you’re vegan and looking for new foodie ideas, trying veganism for Veganuary or just looking for more plant based meals to reduce your dairy and meat intake then read on. Warning – you’ll leave hungry.

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Source: 5 of the best vegan cookbooks for Veganuary | pebble magazine

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