What are you waiting for, to be who you are in your truest nature? Where there are no restrictions or limitations that are placed on you. There is no measure that you cannot exceed if you are to honor yourself in your life and decide to live.

What does it mean — to live? To embrace all that is being sent your way and decipher the stuff that is not in alignment with your heart and soul? Waiting for someone to accept you and pay you as a declaration that your being and service have meaning? Will this give you the proof you need to feel value and give yourself the green light to jump in instead of dipping your feet in the waters of life? When all of this all comes down to approval, which in truth means permission to be as you are and move forward, little things stay little and when someone larger is around, the little things eventually disappear. Playing little just to avoid being in the spot light, to dodge haters and anyone who is threatened by your gifts and powers, to succeed and make your mark upon life, is a big giant cop out.

People can grow and see possibility; however, they need to have someone to look up to. Someone who is not afraid to represent passion and love in whatever medium, they choose to share their gifts and talents through. Setting yourself up by putting yourself down verbally or choosing people to verbally abuse you. Just so, your character gets broken down. Where you get to blame the person or stay stuck in a pattern. It’s downright ludicrous, and such a waste of precious life energy.

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