People Who Make Hardly Any Trash Share Their Green Secrets

From people who haven’t taken out the trash in years.

As we noted in our 2018 wellness trends report, it’s becoming increasingly clear that our everyday actions affect the health of our planet and we can’t stay complacent for much longer. One way to become a more responsible consumer is to take a cue from the “zero-waste” crowd. Tiny Mason jars filled with a week’s, month’s, or even year’s worth of trash are now prized beacons in the sustainability movement, and influencers like Lauren Singer, who fits four years’ worth of trash into one small jar, are proving that living with less waste can ultimately lead to more fulfillment, happiness, and spare cash.

Keeping tabs on your trash is a simple, tangible way to monitor your environmental impact, and while you may not be able to ditch your garbage can overnight, there are plenty of things you can do to keep it under control. Here, people who have managed to drastically reduce their waste share their secrets to success.

Ask what you care about.

For Singer, a zero-waste lifestyle started with a slight mental shift. “It was more about my attitude and taking responsibility for my impact on the planet,” she tells mbg. “Instead of passing blame on all other people, politicians, and businesses, which is so easy to do in today’s political climate, I said, ‘What is it that I’m doing in my everyday life? What am I supporting?’ Asking myself that question helped me adjust my actions and support what I did care about, which was environmental sustainability.”

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Source: People Who Make Hardly Any Trash Share Their Green Secrets

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