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New Study Finds That Teens Who Live Near Nature Are Less Depressed

A little greenery goes a long way. Science has long supported the idea that nature has a therapeutic effect on adults, and new research finds that it’s incredibly soothing for adolescents as well. According to a report in the Journal of Adolescent … Read More »

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Male Dominated Society?

There isn’t much leg room for negotiating the ‘standards’ of how our society should be ran, but something must be said about the inequality. Is Our Society Dominated By White Male Figures? Large controversy arises when touching such topics, however … Read More »

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Feminists, Accept It. The Patriarchy Is Dead.

You would think that a book called The End of Men would be, prima facie, an insult to men. But one of the great surprises I’ve had while speaking about the book over the last year is how little resistance I have … Read More »

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The Failure of Patriarchy

Dr Finn Mackay specialises in feminist activism at the University of Bristol’s School for Policy Studies. In 2004 she founded the London Feminist Network, one of the largest grassroots feminist activist organisations in the country. Here, Mackay discusses gender equality, … Read More »

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What If We Listened & Opened Our Minds Instead of Shouting & Judging?

In today’s acrimonious political climate, whole groups of people seem to be pitted against one another based, but we’re more alike than we are different. “If you can laugh with somebody and relate to somebody, it becomes harder to dehumanize … Read More »

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Trump’s tariffs on panels will cost US solar industry thousands of jobs

Trump’s decision to impose a 30% tariff will cost the US around 23,000 jobs and risks slowing the growth of clean energy, advocates warn  Donald Trump’s decision to impose a tariff on imported solar panels will cost the US solar industry about … Read More »

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