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40 ways to go greener at home …besides just recycling | The Art of Simple

Being intentionally eco-wise is about celebrating the creativity of creation, being good stewards with what we’re given, and passing on those values to the next generation. The thing I love most about practicing good green green habits? Nine times out … Read More »

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There’s Nothing Wrong With Being Single: Releasing the Shame & Stigma

Being single can be fun. Being single can be explorative and happy. It’s up to you what you make of it and what you choose to believe. “Single is no longer a lack of options, but a choice. A choice … Read More »

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This Female Entrepreneur Wants To Heal LA’s Homeless: Mind, Body, and Soul

People will save themselves, but you have to give them the space to do it. Most days of the week, you can find LaRayia Gaston on Skid Row. The New York City native with pale-green eyes and Instagram-perfect hair might … Read More »

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Environmental Laws Waived

To expand some fencing in New Mexico, the government will need to brush aside a bunch of environmental and land use regulations. The Trump Administration Is Waiving 25 Laws to Build a New Bit of ‘Wall’ The fate of Donald … Read More »

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