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Shifting Consciousness

The whole of creation is subject to a structure of cosmic cycles that ebbs and flows like the seasons and the tides. Humanity’s growth, development and evolution depends on these cosmic cycles and is connected to these cycles through the … Read More »

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There’s More to Life Than Work: Goodbye Hamster Wheel, Hello Balance

There’s more to life than work. We must take care of ourselves, mind, body, and soul. Otherwise, we fall out of balance and fall prey to anxiety and depression. “Most of us try to do too much because we are … Read More »

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Male to Female Shift

Shifting From Masculine to Feminine Energy in Our Emotional Expression by Mia Banducci If you’re reading this, you’ve can sense things are changing. The shift is tangible and difficult to deny. Planet Earth’s energy is beginning to transform in order … Read More »

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Manifest Faster Through the Power of Alignment

You can manifest things faster by getting in alignment. Read these practical tips on how you can. Do you wish you could manifest the things you deeply desire in life, more quickly? And most importantly, with ease and grace? Have … Read More »

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On climate, OECD head embraces environmentalism – David Suzuki Foundation

Angel Gurría is one of the world’s most influential economists. He’s urging dramatic climate action, including a higher, and rising, price on carbon. Angel Gurría sounds like the leader of an environmental or social justice group. In a recent University … Read More »

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