Shifting Consciousness

The whole of creation is subject to a structure of cosmic cycles that ebbs and flows like the seasons and the tides. Humanity’s growth, development and evolution depends on these cosmic cycles and is connected to these cycles through the Earth. Every 13,000 years there is a sacred event that occurs in the Earth that shifts and evolves the consciousness of both humanity and the Earth. This event is directed by a larger galactic transformation, which shifts the Earth’s spiritual energy from one location to another. The relocation of the Earth’s spiritual energy has occurred every 13,000 years since the creation of the planet itself. It is thus a natural, evolutionary process that ensures the continued existence of the planet.

We are currently in the midst of this global shift, which has been prophesied as a time of great transformation and purification.

The Earth’s spiritual energy is an important force that guides and directs humanity’s spiritual growth, development and evolution. It is an essential part in connecting us with the over lighting universal and cosmic energies. With the relocation of the Earth’s spiritual energy a new frequency vibrates into the energy grids in and around the planet. This in turn creates a rapidly awakening energy within human consciousness to shift and activate a new cycle of spiritual evolution. New energies are activated along the surface of the Earth, which lead us, as humanity, into a new and expanded state of awareness.

The Earth’s spiritual energy has two poles. One pole remains fixed within the exact centre of the Earth’s core. The other roots itself somewhere on the surface of the Earth. Every 12,920 years the polarity of the Earth’s spiritual energy shifts and simultaneously begins its journey to its new location on the surface. The Earth’s own consciousness decides where on the planet this new location will be. It takes 80 years for this spiritual energy to complete the move and we have another 14 years left before it is fully rooted in its new location.

In the last cycle the Earth’s spiritual energy was rooted in the Himalayan Mountains of India and Tibet. The spiritual light of the world was nurtured and expanded during its time within these two cultures. Humanity’s spiritual growth, development and evolution in the areas of enlightenment, mental consciousness and masculine energy and power was cultivated and developed by these two powers. Our spiritual growth thrived on the enlightening energy that radiated out from the Tibetan and Indian vortices, and gifted us with many profound wisdom’s and truth. It has been this energy that has guided and directed our spiritual transformation over the last 13,000 years, as well as the growth and evolution of the planet itself.

In 1949 the Earth’s spiritual energy emerged from its resting place in the Himalayan Mountains and began its journey to its new home in the Andes Mountains of Chile and Peru. On the 15th August 1950 a magnitude 8.6 earthquake struck Assam in Tibet initiating the release of the Earth’s spiritual energy from the Himalayan Mountains. The recent earthquakes in Nepal signify the closing off of the vortices of energy that were active in these mountains during the previous cycle. The role Tibet and India have played in our spiritual evolution is now complete and we will see a powerful spiritual shift to Chile and Peru.

In the past this shift from one cycle to the next, activated a shift in the energetic role of the masculine and feminine energies.

In the past one or the other of these energies would take a leading role and be the guiding force behind humanity’s spiritual transformation and evolution. However, in this new cycle, it is being done differently. The current shift in consciousness is moving everything away from duality and polarity and into unity consciousness. This means that neither the masculine nor the feminine energy will lead, but rather they will work together, in unity, with the Earth and the Divine Creator to lead and guide humanity’s spiritual growth and development.

Initially, as we are already witnessing, there will be a rise in the power of the feminine as her energy and power adjusts to meet and match the energy and power of the masculine. This process of adjustment will continue for the next 14 years, where we will see a shift in power from the masculine, to a balanced partnership between the masculine and the feminine.

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