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RITUAL for tomorrow’s Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse!

It’s the first time in over 150 years that we’ll gaze upon this moon. It’s a full moon—in Leo. It’s a super moon—closer to earth. It’s a blue moon—the second of two moons in january. It’s a total lunar eclipse. … Read More »

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8 Quick and Easy Meditation Techniques to Calm Your Anxious Mind

Whether you’re new to meditation or looking for some new ways to fit mindfulness into your daily life, you may enjoy trying one of these simple practices. Have you ever found it hard to motivate yourself to do something that … Read More »

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A young and independent think tank with a focus on public policy issues in low-income countries. ON THE FATE OF DEMOCRACY IN TRUMP’S UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Democracy is under threat in what Americans like to think of as “the … Read More »

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The Life-Changing Phrase Athleta CMO Andrea Mallard Uses To Empower Women Everywhere

You’re going to want to write this one down. Within moments of speaking to Andrea Mallard, it’s clear that she’s no ordinary CMO. Mallard joined Athleta last March, and there’s no question that she knows a thing or two about … Read More »

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The Feminine Shift – Heart Alchemy

This is an excerpt from an article I wrote in WNC Women in January 2014. There is tremendous change in the air for people. We are on the threshold of transformation in our lives. Many of us are feeling a … Read More »

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We Are Beings of Light

We are all beings of light. Put another way, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. As children, most of us know this, but other human beings who have forgotten what they really are and who cannot help us … Read More »

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