RITUAL for tomorrow’s Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse!


It’s the first time in over 150 years that we’ll gaze upon this moon.

It’s a full moon—in Leo.
It’s a super moon—closer to earth.
It’s a blue moon—the second of two moons in january.
It’s a total lunar eclipse.

And it’s happening tomorrow, January 31.

What does this mean at a soul level? How can we prepare spiritually?
There are prophecies and predictions from all sides.
What I am sensing is this: The last time we saw this moon was in 1866—interestingly, the same year of the first Civil Rights Act (leading to the 14th amendment in 1868) and the end of the Civil War.

A year in which past wrongs were righted.
A year in which awareness became law.
A year in which humans were recognized as equal.

150 years later, we can set intention that this cycle repeats: that civil and human rights for all—regardless of race, religion, gender, culture, age—are championed again.

The political swirl is very active right now.
The U.S. especially is sorting and sifting through the old ways, finally having the strength and voice to claim what we know to be true: all are equal, all are One.

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