How To Balance our Shiva (Masculine Energy) & Shakti (Feminine Energy): 6 Tips.

Despite the gender we identify ourselves with, we are actually both—man and woman.

When we fail to acknowledge our vast energetic system, we may feel chronically out of balance. Besides working on our physical health through conscious eating and fitness, it’s equally important to pay attention to our subtle energies if we desire to live a healthy life.

I’m assuming we can all agree on the fact that we came from a man and a woman. Despite certain chromosomes expressing themselves as predominantly male or female, we come from both—equally.

According to yoga philosophy, the male energy is known as Shiva and the female energy is known as Shakti. The male energy is symbolized by the sun and the feminine by the moon. These complementary channels on either side of the body are known as Nadis (the word meaning a stream) though which Prana(life force) circulates.

The feminine channel, known as Ida Nadi governs the left side of the body. The masculine channel known as Pingala Nadi governs the right side of the body. One of the goals of yoga is to bridge the gap between the masculine and feminine and reach the central channel which is called Shushumna Nadi that provides us a clear and joyful mind for meditation and self-realization.

Regardless of gender, each of us contains masculine and feminine energy. Logic, planning, and structure fall under the masculine. Ways of being such as rigor, discipline, and control also fall under this category. The masculine is a necessary trait, for it supports the growth of a balanced ego, financial stability, family, shelter, and organization. I like to visualize the masculine component of ourselves as a giant perfectly shaped glass container. Too much container results in a hardening or stiffness and lack of flow. This can manifest as tight muscles, digestive trouble, holding grudges, and unreasonable anger.

The feminine part of ourselves is perhaps more subtle in a society that is highly ego driven. It is governed by intuition, receptivity, dreams, and emotion. This is a necessary counterbalance to the masculine. I like to visualize the feminine part of ourselves as a watery liquid—it flows, and it must be contained otherwise it is dispersed. Dispersed feminine energy may feel like being out of control, ungrounded, irritable, and lonely.

When we operate primarily from our masculine side, we may feel tired, stressed, overworked or unloved as a result. When we feel overworked, moving about life on autopilot, too much in our heads and not enough in our bodies, and/or we are experiencing a lack of intimacy in our lives, it is likely a re-fuel of the feminine is in order.

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Source: How To Balance our Shiva (Masculine Energy) & Shakti (Feminine Energy): 6 Tips.

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