Alba and Gary in Person in San Diego


Don’t miss your chance to meet Alba and Gary in person. You’ve seen the videos with Alba Weinman and Gary Purviance and you want to know how you can manifest a new earth. Come hear the story behind the videos and see Gary and Alba in person at THE CALL in San Diego on February 24, as they discuss the messages Gary channels from The One.

Gary has received messages from beyond the veil since he was a child. In his hypnosis sessions with Alba, he connects with his Higher Self and reveals stunning details about the evolution of mankind and the coming shift to the new earth.

“We’re on the verge – speeding toward a moment – the great awakening.”

These communications are the engine that drives the conversation at THE CALL, a ground-breaking live talkshow and call to action. Learn how to find your personal power to help humanity evolve and manifest a new earth.

“Most of humanity are concerned with fear,” Gary says. “They’ve become obsessed with it… Most are not connected to source. Most walk around in a state of being unaware.”

“How do we tap into the source?” Alba asks.

“Surrendering. Letting go of the weights of your fears. They’re all weighing each one of us down… There are so many that are working against the divine… There are those that… have become addicted to fear. They become addicted to controlling others… A darker energy… And they become addicted to controlling humans for their own purposes. Controlling humanity.”

Answer the Call and be counted among those who believe in a world that is equitable, tolerant, just and safe for all, one in which the human rights and dignity of each person are protected and our planet is safe from destruction.

Join Alba, Gary, and a panel of some of the brightest and most accomplished women in America to find real world solutions to global issues, to help humanity evolve and awaken to a new earth.

Alba asks, “Can you give me a few ways to release this fear being that Gary has chosen to be the one to help others?”

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Source: Alba and Gary in Person in San Diego

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