MTM Post is owned and published by Mia Terra Mar, a partnership between Diana Osberg of Mia Terra Retreats and Gary Purviance of Terra Mar Entertainment, focused on producing events for a world-wide audience to enlighten, inspire, create community, and build bridges for a New Earth. Our intention is to raise awareness of Higher Self, tap into ancient wisdom, and harness the power of collective consciousness to heal Mother Earth and her inhabitants.


We understand there is something bigger than ourselves, something beyond the veil that we can only see when we are fully awake. A strong, awakened community can inspire family, friends and the world to find peaceful solutions to human strife, heal our environment, and create a joyful life that we all deserve.


We support and encourage the power of the feminine to heal our planet. Women have the unique ability to change our pathway of destruction and turn us toward peace.


These things are important. Connection with Self. Connection with Nature. Connection with Community. Connection with the Universe.


We’ve gathered exceptional voices from around the globe – thought leaders, healers, wellness experts, environmental champions, nutritionists, and spiritual trailblazers – to share their wisdom with you. In addition, curated content from the Web will bolster knowledge and understanding of yourself and your world.


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